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Welcome to Hostaphan Films

Hostaphan Films offers the entire range of Mitsubishi Polyester Film products within the UK and Irish markets. We work closely with our parent company, Mitsubishi Polyester Film GmbH in Germany to provide high quality and innovative polyester films and release liners to our UK and Irish customers.

We offer the entire Mitsubishi Polyester Film range of polyester film products, sold under the brand names of Hostaphan® and Diafoil® as well as silicone coated and silicone free polyester release liners. Our aim is to complement our products with first rate technical knowledge and rapid and responsive service. Our expert staff have many years of experience in the plastic films industry and we would be happy to discuss your new product requirements or ideas.

®Hostaphan and ®Diafoil are registered trademarks of Mitsubishi Polyester Film


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A regular client says..

  • “I consider Mitsubishi Polyester Films to be an excellent supplier and partner for my business. They have developed a number of innovative products and solutions which has helped us to grow our business, expand our customer base and increase profitability. The sales, customer service and technical support provided by Hostaphan Films is excellent. They have an unrivalled knowledge of polyester film products and are my first choice when considering new product ideas.”


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